7:31 Are Mothers OP?
5:47 Are Goats OP?
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10:45 The Ice Age Tier List
6:38 Are Honey Badgers OP?
6:36 Are Geese OP?
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6:47 The Optimal Team Comp
8:13 Are Humans OP?
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6:06 The Deep Sea Meta
8:07 The Dog Tier List
6:46 The Cryptid Tier List
8:33 The Turtle Tier List
8:41 The Raptor Tier List
7:05 Is Australia OP?
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10:02 The Primate Tier List
8:15 The Spider Tier List
9:15 The Shark Tier List
0:30 Welcome to TierZoo
7:29 The Cat Tier List
4:05 Are Waterbears OP?